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"Anonymous Sudan": Most likely Russia disrupting Sweden's NATO application

Anonymous Sudan: Most likely Russia Distrupting Sweden's NATO applicationNew Truesec report reveals the true motives behind the attacks against Sweden.

Since January 23, a threat actor group identifying as “Anonymous Sudan” has been conducting denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against several Swedish organizations and critical infrastructure under the tag #OpSweden. 

Most likely, Russia behind the attacks against Sweden

Truesec’s Threat Intelligence unit has investigated the threat actor group to shed light on its activities and help identify its true motives. Although the threat actor behind the cyber attacks claims to be “Anonymous Sudan,” there are, however, several indications that the attacks are part of a Russian information operation to create fear and uncertainty in Sweden. 

New Truesec report shows the true motives of the attacks

Truesec has released a new report (published Feb 20, 2023) that explains how the so-called "Anonymous Sudan" has nothing to do with the online activists collectively known as Anonymous. Instead, it was most likely created as part of a Russian information operation to harm and complicate Sweden’s NATO application. 

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